There will be probably an audition, but the King trusts you are able to choose the right level of workshops for yourselves :)

 However, he also kindly reminds you that attending classes on a higher level does not necessarily mean that you're going to become a much better dancer much faster :) Sometimes it is really better to take a little step back and work on your basics than rush into something too difficult :)
If you’re not sure which level to choose, please let us know and we will help you decide.



WCS experience: Newcomer + Novice without points WSDC. Dance experience less than 24 months. You know your basics and some variations, and you would like to broaden your knowledge of patterns and technique. You don’t feel comfortable social dancing with more advanced partners.



WCS experience: Novice with min. 1 point Novice WSDC up to 25 novice WSDC points (without INT WSDC points). Dance Experience more than 24 months. You do social dancing on a regular basis and you feel quite comfortable dancing with more advanced partners but you still feel the need to work on your technique and musicality. You’re a rather confident dancer who wants to discover his/her own individual dance style.



WCS experience: (at least) 26 Novice points or min. 1 INT WSDC point. up to 39 INT WSDC points (without ADV points).



WCS experience: min. 40 INT points or min. 1 ADV point. Get ready to work hard and fast!